Tuesday, May 22, 2012


- The game is played on a 10x10 grid.
Two different viruses are fighting each other on the grid, each virus is a team.
The game is played by a minimum of 3 people per team.

- Each team moves in a different way, one move in diagonal the other straight back and sideways.
The goal of the game is to infect the opposite team until they all turn into the virus you’re representing, once a player is turned he adopts the virus’s movement pattern.once everyone has been turned into the same virus the game is over.

- Each teams starts on the first and last line on the grid and players must be separated by at least one empty square.
Players move on the grid by throwing a ball around and moving one square once the ball in hand. Each team gets the ball once then has to throw it to a person of choice on the other team to their advantage.
 If any player from a team riches the other end of the grid he gets to turn a player of his choice.

- Once two viruses meet on the grid, the one reaching first to the other virus challenges the other by throwing a dice, each side of the dice has a different effect on players:
1.     Infect – Turns the player challenged into the virus attacking him
2.     Infect+2- Turns the player challenged and grants him two moves
3.     Backfire- Turns the virus attacking into the virus he challenged
4.     Switch- each player switches team.
5.     Back- moves the challenged virus back to the start of the grid
6.     Wall- challenger lays down on the grid in any direction to the advantage of his team by blocking others

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